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Set the Wellness Wheels in Motion

The movement of body structures is created by the contraction of muscles. All movements are identified by the directions which affected structures are moved. In the human anatomy, all motions are considered to be a mixture of or a single contribution of general motion such as flexion, abduction, internal and external rotation, elevation, decompression and adduction. It is well known that a body in motion tends to stay in motion. On the other hand, a body which does not move becomes stagnant, immobile, inactive and prone to illnesses.

At Motion Council, Dr. Jason Hurley and his team of wellness experts put their patients’ bodies in constant motion by providing the ultimate chiropractic care, nutrition, exercise and massage therapies available. Patients who have chronic health conditions that cause them pain, steal their energy or lower their quality of life get back in the swing-of-things with the finest quality of care through the use of modern chiropractic treatment and equipment.

The authorities, or Council, at our wellness center sets our patients back on the path to optimal function and increased movement. Each patient is evaluated and given customized treatments for total wellness by providing the latest techniques for neck, back, shoulder, leg pain, as well as joint pain and herniated discs.

If you put people in motion the body will heal itself. We set the wheels of wellness in motion for our patients to become the person they most want to be by doing just that. Place the future of your health in good hands with the authorities at Motion Council.

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From Misery to Motion

Achieve enhanced physical and mental health with 10 practical guidelines for a “wellness-makeover".

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Get Moving

Increase calf flexibility dynamically in multiple planes
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Thank you Dr. Hurley for taking the pain away and literally giving me my life back….. After only a few visits I started feeling better and my back has become stronger and pain free….I should have seen you a long time ago

Ricky C., Oldsmar

Ask The Expert

Question: How can Chiropractic Care help my Sciatica symptoms?

Answer: Through medical acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments reduce nerve irritation and pain. Read more

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