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Healing Hands

For over 5,000 years various methods of massage therapy have provided relief for people all over the world using the power of hands to relieve pain. From Greece to Egypt to China to India and to the U.S., massage methods have been refined from century-old traditions to fit modern practice for today’s needs. At Motion Council, clients rediscover natural healing techniques that revitalize the body through a thoroughly encouraging, caring and restoring environment.

If you suffer from migraine pain, stress, depression, cramped muscles, low immunity, or injuries, you may consider massage therapy to get you back in motion.


A Deep Tissue massage is ideal for restoring length and flexibility. The tissue surrounding the muscles and organs is normalized with a deep tissue massage by improving the strength and overall health of the all connective tissues throughout the body. This intense technique is intended to breakdown any scar tissue with more pressure and slow strokes to warm the muscle tissue and reach through deeper layers. When a licensed massage therapist locates a chronic knot or an adhesion, they will recommend for a client to alter their lifestyle which may include exercise, relaxation, balance and movement.

Additional benefits include:

  • Increases range of motion
  • Relieves chronic tension
  • Improves posture
  • Enhances the natural harmony of the entire body and mind


A Lymphatic Drainage Massage improves the metabolism, removes bodily toxins and waste and promotes a healthy immune system. The lymphatic system helps the body rid of toxins that may cause illness, so when the system becomes blocked or begins to slow down, fluids begin to create a sluggish body that becomes vulnerable to illnesses.

A Lymphatic Drainage Massage works with the body’s own lymphatic system and is ideal when it is used in combination with other massage techniques such as Deep Tissue. The massage consists of soft, rhythmic motion, so it may be used on even swollen areas of the body.

Lymphatic Massages are suitable for:

  • Those who suffer from illnesses
  • A faulty immune system
  • Sport injuries
  • Depression and emotional problems
  • Stress
  • Low energy

Studies have shown a Lymphatic Massage has positive effects on the skin that produce energy and helps with respiratory problems. Lymphatic Drainage Massages both boost the immune system and make it easier to fight diseases by awaken the body’s instinctive healing mechanisms.


Trigger points minimize the full-range of motion by preventing the complete lengthening of the muscle. Once one part of a muscle reaches hyper-sense the body’s effort to offset the change resulting in more symptoms produced in related musculoskeletal systems which provides form, support, stability, and movement to the body. Unless the pattern of pain is identified and altered, the body will continue to adjust to pain and secondary areas will become sustainable to the development of their own trigger points that will cause further aggravation.

Trigger Point Therapy allows trigger spots to be released using repetitive muscle stripping, ischemic compression, cold distraction techniques and primarily done through compression. Points are mostly identified by heightened discomfort and pain in the patient and a licensed massage therapist will notice a spot depending on the hardness.

Although applying pressure on trigger points may cause discomfort, it also creates a natural “feel good” effect at the same time.


Neuromuscular Reeducation is a hands-on therapeutic technique used to the evaluation and functional treatment of 90%+ of soft tissue injuries professional athletes experience. It will improve balance, coordination, posture, kinesthetic sense and proprioception or the sense of body motion.

Internal scar tissue occurs when damage and inflammation happens that will limit strength and range of motion. When an area of the body is injured, it increases the number of cells around the affected tissue followed by the healing of the tissue in order to protect the specific area.

Licensed Massage Therapists work with patients on balance and tandem exercises, along with postural challenges in order to evaluate stability.


Myofascial Release is a form of soft tissue therapy that is used to treat impaired or altered function of bodily structures such as the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, or lymphatic system. These structures are also referred to somatic dysfunction which results in pain and restriction of motion.

Irritation of soft tissue or muscle causes inflammation which may result in fibrosis or thickening of the connective tissue. Thickening of the tissue causes pain and irritation, creating reflexive muscle tension and more inflammation. Myofascial Release relaxes contractive muscles, increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage while stimulating the stretch reflex of muscles and overlying soft tissue also known as fascia.


CranialSacral Therapy, also known as CST, is a gentle, hands-on treatment of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system.

CST consists of soft tissue and bones of the head (cranium), spine and pelvis. Massage therapists target membranes and cerebrospinal fluids that surround and cushion the brain and spinal cord from injury during sessions. When blockage occurs in spinal fluid, this causes muscle and joint strain, emotional irritation, improper operation of the body’s organs and central nervous system.

Until the spinal fluid is naturally allowed to move freely around the body, the central nervous system as well as other major organs is at risk for sickness and injuries.

Therapists softly manipulate various areas of the body that include bones, skull, spine, pelvis and soft tissues to free any blockage of cerebrospinal fluid in order to allow fluid to flow more smoothly and naturally.

CST aids in various health problems such as:

  • Migraine headaches
  • Stress
  • Neck and back pain
  • Sinus disorders
  • Immune deficiencies

HydroMassage Hydrotherapy Bed

HydroMassage Hydrotherapy beds use the combination of water, heat and massage for an overall relaxing and soothing experience. The bed allows the client to lie comfortably on a rubber barrier while water-jets travel up and down the body. The client does not get wet as the water is only a tool to provide a deep tissue massage unlike no other.